The people of RBM Building Services find great satisfaction through supporting families in their communities.

They demonstrate this core company value in many ways, notably through frequent community service and involvement. Just a few examples include reading to schoolchildren and building community structures, such as a greenhouse for a women’s shelter or an “All Together Playground.” Through and through, RBM people are dedicated to strengthening the communities where they work.

Because service is such an important part of RBM Building Services, the company proudly sponsors the Parent Advocacy Council (PAC), founded by Jon and Janae Moss. The PAC helps parents, the most important voice in children’s lives, become effective leaders in their communities and families. Using a “Six Pillars” framework that involves all community sectors (business, education, faith-based groups, health and wellness and non-profit), the PAC offers parents tools, connection and support as they grow into leadership roles.

The PAC has grown throughout Utah and is quickly attracting interest from leaders across the country. As parents and family organizations see the effectiveness of the PAC’s “Six Pillars” framework, they are simply inspired to begin building PACs to strengthen their communities.

To find out more about the PARENT ADVOCACY COUNCIL, and how you can be a part of this organization, CLICK HERE.