RBM COVID-19 Disinfection Services

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Has a person infected with COVID-19 entered your workspace? 

Do you need to disinfect your building before tenants return to work? 

Do you need to take action as soon as possible? 

Whatever you need to keep your people safe and business running, we’re here for you.

Use the chart below to see what level of care will help you the most.

Cleaning Level
Service Provided
Level 1
Execution of existing scope of work (SOW) 
In accordance with contracted scope of work and current products and procedures 
Level 2
Execution of existing SOW with high touch point tasks 
In accordance with contracted scope of work, but with enhanced use of an approved disinfectant 
Level 3
Enhanced routine service to an existing SOW
Adding high-touch point cleaning tasks or frequency with the use of an approved disinfectant
Level 4
One-time  cleaning event(s) 
Special service scheduled above routine service following a specified SOW and using approved disinfectants
Gloves and  Mask
Level 5
Virus infection potential, but NO confirmation of a Novel Pathogen 
Area is identified by the client to have a heightened level of cleaning needed, all hard surfaces are cleaned using approved disinfectants 
Gloves,  Glasses, Mask, and microporous coveralls
Level 6
Confirmed case of Novel Pathogen, NO site jurisdictional control by state or  local agency
Area is identified by the client to have a heightened level of cleaning needed, all hard surfaces are cleaned using approved disinfectants
Gloves, Glasses, Mask, and microporous coveralls

How we work

RBM has decades of experience in cleaning and disinfecting commercial buildings. Our comprehensive protocols include the most advanced technology, chemicals, and training. We are fully prepared to keep your facilities and our employees safe—and eliminate as much business disruption as possible.

We will custom-build a Disinfection Scope of Work (SOW) to fit your needs, including frequency of cleaning. This Disinfection Scope of Work is an addition to our regular services.

The Disinfection SOW includes a focus on high-touch point tasks and cleaning frequencies. The Scope meets your specific building and occupant requirements. 

High-Touch Point Tasks can include:

  • Elevator call buttons on the inside and outside, public stairs, and escalator handrails 
  • Door push plates, handles, or knobs 
  • Kitchen, pantries, or breakroom tables, counter and table-tops, faucets, appliance handles 
  • Reception desk and waiting areas, corridors and hallway light switches, tables, hard surface chair arms, water fountains 
  • Amenity areas such as fitness facility, locker rooms, or meeting spaces, including doors, door handles, counters, showers, locker handles, all dispensers, and other hard floor surfaces. 
  • Restroom cleaning of all doorknobs, toilets, urinals, toilet flushers, toilet paper dispensers, toilet partitions, faucets, soap dispensers, countertops, walls and floor surfaces, and mop floor


When unexpected occurrences happen, RBM Services, Inc, protects our employees, our clients’ facilities, and the occupants of those facilities. Our goal is to ensure the safety of people and property — and to eliminate as much business disruption as possible. To do that, we work to have the proper plans in place and ensure the availability of the tools needed to execute our service.

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