Who We Are

RBM is the largest solely-owned building maintenance company in the region. We offer every building service from light janitorial services to major disaster clean-up. Our comprehensive services make us agile, thorough, and swift as we tend to your maintenance needs. Every day and every night, all year long, 2000-plus RBM employees expertly maintain more than 30 million square feet of commercial space. And yet, we remain a family business, rooted in our values of hard work, respect, excellence, and care. Through personal service and quality performance, we build on this strong foundation to take good care of you.

Services We Provide

We have the experience and proper equipment to handle all of your cleaning and maintenance needs to
provide you with the best services in the industry.

Facilities We Service

With our 35+ years of experience we’ve had the opportunity to clean a variety of facilities. We understand
the unique needs and provide tailored services for each building.


We had problems with another custodial service

We had problems with another custodial service and brought RBM in to replace them – which they did with only an hour’s notice. They are very, very flexible. I’ve worked with all the top custodial services in the state, and I think they are the best out there.

D. Jones

I’ve managed large properties

I've managed large properties on the west coast. and RBM absolutely matches up with the best - including the large national competitors. The most positive aspect of working with them has been the stable personnel - there have been no problems with turnover, communication, or theft - the security side has been wonderful. I know of accounts they have lost just due to competitor's low-ball bids; then watched facility managers practically go down on their knees begging them to come back. RBM simply will not perform the service if they can't perform it professionally. They are a wonderful company, and a very good value for the dollar.

D. Taylor

RBM Services does a great job!

RBM Services does a great job! They understand what it takes to keep a building clean and to run a successful crew. They are very responsive to the needs of our tenants and make every effort to keep them happy. They have an impressive team of managers and supervisors that keep things running smoothly and make my job easier. I know I can count on RBM to do the job on time and do it well.

T. Sparks

I’ve been in the business for 20 years

I’ve been in the business for 20 years, and I’ve dealt with janitorial companies all across the county -national and local firms, “mom and pop” size companies – the whole gambit, and I would give RBM very, very high marks. They have been very responsive. Without hesitation – knowing my history with them – if they were not the lowest bid, I would still recommend staying with them.

W. Blocker

Our Story

RBM Services began in 1974. We were a family business then, led by Robert and Patricia Moss and five employees cleaning small offices in Provo, UT. Jon and Janae Moss, purchased the business in 2004 after working at RBM for years. From those humble beginnings, RBM has grown into the largest solely-owned janitorial company in the state. The numbers say it best: each year, 2,000+ RBM employees clean more than 30 million square feet of commercial office space. And yet, we are still a family business, providing the personal service and quality work that remain our strong foundation.

Total satisfaction is our standard. Our commitment to this principle has led dozens of clients, to trust us with their facilities for well over many, many years running. We exceed expectations by offering quality performance, quick response time, and unparalleled customer service.


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