Scope of Work

Your commercial tenants expect a high standard of maintenance. In fact, their success depends on clean, organized workspaces to nurture efficiency in their employees and present a professional atmosphere to their clients. Whether you have a small office building or run a massive corporate campus, RBM Services is here to provide you and your tenants first-rate maintenance.

All designated areas are vacuumed & dusted. Trashes emptied and replace liners. Wipe desk tops and straighten chairs.

Offices | Hallways

Damp mop hard floor surfaces. Clean entry doors and glass. All designated areas dusted & vacuumed.

Lobbies | Reception

Sweep or mop designated areas. Sanitize touch points. Spot mop concrete stairs.

Stairwells | Elevators

Clean, disinfect toilets and urinals. Clean and polish sinks, chrome and mirrors. Sweep & mop floors with disinfectant.


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