Scope of Work

You want your customers to have the greatest experience possible—and that starts with your store. RBM Services understands the precise attention to detail that a retail space needs. Our efficient, top-of-the-line cleaning methods and commitment to excellence meet your retail cleaning needs, uphold the high standards you set for your store, and maximize your maintenance budget.

Keep stairways clean of dust and debris. Sanitize touch points. Clean escalators with cleaning equipment.

Elevators | Escalators

Wipe down tables and chairs. Sweep and mop floors. Discard trash from tables & empty trash.

Food Courts

Maintain door and entry glass. Remove gum from floors & sidewalks. Pressure wash exterior entrances & walkways.

Entries | Vestibules

Empty trash, replace liners, wipe exterior surfaces. Sweep and dust designated areas. Clean up spills immediately.

Common Areas

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