Scope of Work

Warehouses and logistic centers must be organized, secure, and clean so that people and products remain safe and uncontaminated. RBM Services has the flexibility and resources to guarantee that your facilities receive the best of care. Our mission is two-fold: support your objective by keeping your spaces in premium shape, and give you the best services for your budgeted dollar.

All designated areas vacuumed & dusted. Trashes emptied and replace liners. Wipe conference room tables and straighten chairs.

Offices | Hallways

Sweep designated floor areas. Keep pathways clear of debris. Clean & maintain floors with an auto scrubber.

Warehouse Areas

Clean, disinfect toilets, urinals and showers. Clean and polish sinks, chrome and mirrors. Sweep & mop floors with disinfectant.

Restrooms | Showers

Sweep and damp mop floors. Arrange chairs and furniture neatly. Clean waste containers & replace liners.


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