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Are You Open for Business?

COVID-19 changed how businesses operate. Because facilities are vulnerable places for the spread of airborne illness, thorough and frequent disinfection are required. RBM provides enhanced electrostatic disinfection services to reduce the chance of spreading between employees, customers & the community. We help Utah and Las Vegas stay open.

Why Electrostatic Disinfection Services?

Our trained disinfection specialists deliver enhanced electrostatic disinfection services by applying an electrostatically charged, adhering mist onto hard surfaces & objects. The resulting disinfection is far more effective than traditional wipe-downs (it’s also quicker & less costly)! Rapid response (<2 Hours) are also available.

How Can You Prepare & Save Money?

Because of a decrease in materials costs, RBM Services is passing our savings along to our customers. Likewise, our new volume discount model allows us to give our customers the best rates!

For example, a 20,000 square foot building cleaned monthly for three months would qualify for the rate of a 60,000 square foot building. Most importantly, however, providing ongoing disinfection helps your business stay open & demonstrates your commitment to your customers’ & employees’ health.

Contact us to review your business’ needs & develop a customized disinfection schedule!

In Utah:

Scott Gourley801.898.5379
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Melody Holland801.706.2086
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In Las Vegas

Julie Farina702.738.3070
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